Farming Activities

The farm is a commercial working mixed farm with arable and livestock enterprises, it is also in the Government Enviromental Scheme which combines farming with enviromental benefits.

A Web Blog has been made specially for dat to day activities with pictures to look through. the link is Visitmanorfarmblog

The Arable enterprise is growing of Wheat, Barley and Oil Seed Rape. The Wheat is used for Bread and Biscuit, the Barley for Malt, and the Oil Seed Rape for Rape Oil.

The main Livestock enterprise is a ewe flock, the ewes are all home bred and are a cross between Texel and Suffolk Breeds. This year we have used a Charolais Tup so we can try this breed to use for our replacements.

The Government Enviromental Scheme is to enhance the Wildlife on the farm and the preservation of Archaeoligical reamins of the Bronze age Ladder settlements and Old Medeival Village.